Students will be learning fundamentals of music and rehearsing songs for Christmas and Spring Concerts. Students will be required to participate in all concerts.


Students will learn basics of photography and enhance their picture taking skills. Students must supply their own digital camera. 


Students will take an active role in formatting and creating the school year book.


Students learn the basic art skills to establish a solid foundation in skill and history. Art theory is also introduced to prepare for future advancement coursework. 


Students the basic movement in jazz, hip hop and contemporary styles of dance.  


Students have the opportunity to coordinate, create, and record the school news. STAN News is recorded and broadcast throughout the school each week. 

Coding & Web Design

Students explore the fundamentals of coding web design, including learning how to create a web site and the language of coding. 

Youth minitry

Students will participate in activities and service opportunities to support growth in their Catholic Faith. 


Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics

Students engage in activities that support STEM competencies. Students utilize their iPads to create original work and learn from many applications available to them on their Apple device.